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Quiet? Nearly. Bashful? We don’t think so.

Quiet? Almost. Timid? We do not think so.

“I come across as coyness and quiet, but I have a lascivious side that surprises people,” told 52-year-old divorcee Layla LaMora.

Layla surprised us by making loud humming noises when this babe was mouthing a stud’s dick in her 1st scene at, and she was full of surprises (and wang) when this babe rogered her son’s 2 most gracious allies in her encore scene. In that one, two juvenile studs filled her mouth and muff with meat-thermometer and glazed her face.

In advance of coming to our studio, Layla had not ever sucked and fucked on-camera, and this babe had at no time been in a three-way. One time we started rolling, it was clear that Layla’s motto is: a little less conversation, a little more act. This babe would rather use her lips for engulfing dong and let her body do the talking as she rides and pounds untill that babe has an orgasm.

We asked Layla if this babe can’t live with out being observed while having sex, and this babe told, “I will view.” This babe discovered out. “I do,” this babe said.

Would her allies and family be shocked to know she did this?

“I’m not sure. You at not time know what I am plan to do next.”

If we had to guess, we’d say her next move would be finding recent, younger dicks to shag. Maybe with an audience to observe. We can solely hope. Meanwhile, have enjoyment Layla’s larger than run of the mill love melons and meaty, pink cunt. She’s a keeper.

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We’re wrapping up this piss-soaked weekend with Tiffany, who elicited many letters and emails from you members when this babe was posted last time. Well, this golden set is sure to become your new favourite.

Tiffany, we have heard that peeing isn’t the solely kind of squirting u do.

“Yes. I latterly found that I can squirt during sex likewise. It absolutely took me by surprise. When it happened I indeed thought I had peed myself. I was super embarrassed, but the skirt chaser reassured me that it was truly sexy. Later on I looked it up online, and that’s when I realized I had squirted. I have done it one other time. I am learning about it and how I can make it happen more often.”

Where were u when u first squirted?

“I was truly in the storage closet at school. U know, where they keep all the cleaning supplies. I know it doesn’t sound very hawt, but the sex was actually hawt. We could hear people walking around outside the door as we fucked. Then I squirted and got juice all over the floor. [Laughs] There was a mop right next to me so I gripped it and cleaned up a little because I was so confused.”

Is pissing during sex off-limits for u?

I”ll not ever say by no means. If a charmer wanted me to pee on him, I would do it. And if this chab asked indeed sweetly, I’d probably let a lad void urine on me, also. I mean, I adore getting facials and having my chest cummed on, so what’s the difference?

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A very good Night

A very valuable Night

A very worthwhile Night

It is time to get to know Nadia Night, a 40-year-old, sex-loving, monster titted vixen from South Florida. Nadia has posed for Leg Sex and SCORE mag. SCORELAND, also, and now this babe is on her second scene at 40something. That babe is getting mature and more excellent.

Nadia has dark hair and hazel eyes and DDD-cup breasts. She’s very feisty. That babe loves to shag. She knows that babe is a sex kitten and enjoys getting and giving fun. She is not a Mommy. This babe is not even a cougar, really. And she says the people who know her foremost would not be surprised to see her here.

“Who needs handsome raiment besides?” she told. “I don’t classify myself as a nudist. I just think fetching raiment are overrated.”

They are when a lady has a body adore Nadia’s. Lengthy legs. Skinny waist. DDD-cup wobblers. The dominatrix has it all. She can’t live out of to suck rod and balls. She can’t live out of to copulate. She’s even open to anal sex, which she is doing today and talks about in this interview.

Nadia is a wild lady who’s living a wild life, and now we need to enjoy it with her.

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Are you the kind of boy who can’t live without watching youthful angels tinkle? Do you receive off watching that golden stream exiting her cookie, merely to check out it stuffed later by fingers and weenies? Well, you have got a great weekend ahead of you. We’ve got the next three days scheduled with youthful nubiles who just need to tinkle.

1st up is Lexy.

Have u ever peed where you weren’t supposed to?
“All the time! In fact, I love peeing in places other than a washroom. I adore to pop a squat outside. It feels so natural. One time I peed in a stairwell. And peeing in the garage was fun!” Watch it for yourself in the DVD L’il Pissers, obtainable at

What’s the thrill you receive from peeing in atypical places?
“I like the freedom of it. The naughtiness of it. The possibility of anybody seeing me. I’m a little bit of a rebel at heart, so sometimes I love to do things that are taboo or forbidden. Plus, it is more convenient to drop your panties and go when you receive to. Bucks have way more freedom with that, why shouldn’t gals have it also?”

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Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

Glazed Diamond

“I love to dance. I like to perform,” said 64-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother Diamond Red, who today is performing in her 1st bonk video. In it, this babe brings her chap inside her house and tells him, “We must hurry before my son receives home. I want u to shag me actually fine. I crave u to copulate me truly rock hard. I desire u to stick that larger than average shlong inside of me. Do u think you can handle it?”

Yeah, he can handle it. That gent fucks Diamond’s mouth and cunt with his 33-year-old knob and cums all over her marvelous face.

“I love teasing and taunting and making people desire more but not giving it to them,” said Diamond, who doesn’t hold back here. “I’ve always danced. Ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom. It is just such precious exercise, and cuz I adore to flirt so much, it was just a natural progression to do this.”

A natural progression for her. Not for almost any hotty’s. That is what makes 60Plus M.I.L.F.S. particular. Diamond might not have ended up here if not for her friend Leah L’Amour, who suggested she do this.

This hawt redhead and her lad are swinging married couples. One day, one more spouse said to her, “What would you think if we brought more people into our carnal lives?”

She wasn’t sure about that. “He said, ‘There’s a great club in Miami. You don’t must do anything you don’t crave to do. You can wear your hawt little garments. It’s a great place to dance. Priceless buffet dinner.’ So we went, and it was so much enjoyment. So then we went back many more times, and over the years, I introduced other dudes to the lifestyle, and they all appeared to be to like it. I’ve been in the lifestyle on and off for years.”

And now this babe is doing porn. A natural progression.

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Taking turns on the mom’s ass

Taking turns on the mom’s gazoo

Taking turns on the mom's ass

“Yes, I like anal invasion,” 41-year-old divorced Mom Lily Canary told us when she made her initial debut.

She didn’t receive ass-fucked in that scene, but this babe does here. In fact, 2 young dudes take turns on Lily’s constricted ass, and when they cant hold back any longer (which is a lot longer than we would’ve been competent to hold back), they shoot their loads on her charming scones and face.

Lily is from the Czechia, and lots of honeys from the Czechia have three-ways in their private lives. Some of them do it as sex stars. Very hardly any of them are mothers. That’s what makes a scene love this so specific.

Lily urges to visit the United States. We think she should so some American fellows can enjoy with her wazoo. Why should Czech boyz have all the pleasure? She’s a romantic. That babe can’t live out of gentlemen. Those boyz were gentlemen. Every waited until it was his turn to shag her a-hole.

“I loved watching my first scene at,” Lily told us. “I viewed it with a gentleman friend who I had never had sex with but wanted to seduce. I could see him getting unbending so I told to him, ‘You can take it out.’ So this stud did and I gave him a blow job during the time that we observed my scene.”

Sounds love a helluva date!

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Fucking Nadia’s tight asshole

Fucking Nadia’s tight asshole

Fucking Nadia's constricted asshole

Nadia Night sucks and gags on Jimmy’s ramrod then receives her vagina and wazoo fucked each which way in her second movie scene at Nadia told us in the interview that she used to have plenty of sex but hadn’t had it in a while in advance of this scene. She was a little nervous about it, so she had her big-dicked spouse shag her wazoo the night in advance of. She was still a little nervous when it came time to screw the porno meat-thermometer, but as you’re about to see, Nadia had no reason to be nervous. That babe enjoyed having a porno dick in her tight a-hole.

Nadia is Fourty years aged. That babe has tits that are big sufficient for SCORELAND, and, in fact, that is where this babe started modeling. She has a taut body and taut fuck holes.

“Oh, yep, it is taut!” Nadia told of her backdoor.

Nadia offered this tip for bucks who desire to fuck their wife or girlfriend’s a-hole the right way.

“Just play with the slit and play with the ass and get it all naughty and succulent,” this babe told.

In other words, do not just pop it in.

Nadia told us she enjoys “everything that involves the ocean.” She at no time wears belts. That babe says she dresses “sexy, sassy and fleshly.” This babe craves to go SCUBA diving, but that babe hasn’t yet.

Hey, if a lady can get ass-fucked on-camera, she can definitely go diving. That’s our opinion.

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Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips @
Lauren Phillips is preparing the bar for her shift as the Employees crashes the joint. It’s Shane Diesel’s joint, and you probably remember when Kate United Kingdom almost lost her job? Well…she did. And Lauren’s her replacement! The Workers knows this, and even after poor Lauren’s said them, repeatedly, the bar isn’t open yet…well, you know those guys aren’t intend to leave. In fact, they’ve got another gang a team fuck on their collective minds, and Lauren knows this from the receive go. Look how ready and accommodating she’s! She’s so accommodating, Lauren is plan to suggest up all three holes in instruct to please The Employees, and, at one point, that babe is truly "air constricted!" This right in advance of The Workers gather around Lauren as that babe plays with her fire-red vagina so they can spray her down with a copious amount of cum! Hurry Lauren! Better clean up quickly!! The bar’s scheduled to open in minutes!!!
Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips
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Diamond is a cock’s best friend

Diamond is a cock’s best friend

Diamond is a cock's topmost friend

Diamond Red, who’s 64 years mature, makes her worldwide hardcore debut by engulfing and screwing a 33-year-old’s schlong. That’s nothing new for this Mamma and divorcee from Arizona, who regularly dates boys half her age.

“I’ve been with a skirt chaser as juvenile as Thirty three, and now I am seeing a ladies man who’s Thirty nine, and that stud just likes maturer hotty’s,” said Diamond, who’s a super-slim and hawt redhead. “But guys are chaps and hotty’s are hotty’s. There is no precious age or bad age.”

True, but there are better ages, and 64 is one of ’em.

Diamond is a Mother of two and a grandmother of four, and when we asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her here, she told, “Some yep and some no. I’ve a wide variety of friends. Some would be shocked and would at not time talk to me afresh. Others would urge to know when my movie scene will be out so they can buy it.”

One ally who wouldn’t be surprised: 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE Leah L’Amour, who sent her our way.

“I adore Leah. She’s so full of life and she’s so glamorous, but she’s not only gracious on the outdoors. She’s attractive on the inside, too.

“One day that babe was telling me about what she did at, and this babe said, ‘Diamond, you would just adore it! You’ve to walk around with few hawt outfit on and you have to suck knob! You receive to copulate! And ‘cuz you perform and ‘cuz you’re so out there, I guess you’d be ideal, so you should go for it.’ And anything she told me was very truthful and honest.”

By performing, Leah was referring to the fact that Diamond used to dance burlesque. And now she’s lap dancing on a youthful guy’s weenie and opening her face hole for his load. Letting it leaks onto her marvelous funbags, also.

This Diamond is a cock’s best ally.

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Shower Show

Shower Display

Shower Show

For the almost all part, we acquire photo submissions from angels with an over-the-top sexual appetite. So when we asked teenage Arianna how often this babe masturbates and that babe said us only one time a month, we were constrained. Majority of our cuties do it more frequently. “I would do it all the time if I was not living in my parents’ abode,” that babe explained. “The walls are so thin!”

“I lost my virginity in my bedroom,” Arianna told us. “And that was such a pang in the a-hole. Not the sex! The whole hiding-it-from-mom-and-dad thing was a pain. I was out on a date with my partner and we were having such a great, romantic time, I promised him that I’d sleep with him that night. I said it half-joking, but he still showed up outside my bedroom window around midnight. When it came down to it, I tried to stay quiet, but that stud was so greater than standard and I was so tight, I need to have been grunting and stammering more than I thought I was. It was a success, though. It was so romantic.”

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Slim SEXY HOUSEWIFE shag toy gets some

Skinny MILF shag toy gets some

Montana is a 41-year-old MILF from Chicago, Illinois. She’s tight and fuckable at 5’6″, 107 pounds, 34-24-32. By that, we mean she is so diminutive and her twat is so nicely shaved that that babe makes schlongs look greater. Watch what we’re saying? U will when u watch her widening her chocolate hole during the time that getting fucked (slim chicks’ assholes are more prominent than corpulent girls’ assholes).

Ok, so here’s the slender on Montana: She enjoys tennis, softball, cross-country leaking, flag football and is a fan of the Chicago Cubs in baseball and the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins in football. She loves outdoorsy lads, and if you ever get her into couch (or wanna receive her into sofa), rub-down her feet.

“I’ll melt for you,” Montana said.

She had her wildest sexual meeting in a broom closet at her sister’s wedding.

“Me and this boy I would just met on the dance floor did it in the janitor’s cart,” Montana told, proving when you are athletic love her, u can do it anywhere.


Perfect Horny MILF


Perfect Amorous MILF

Why do we like HORNY HOUSEWIVES so much? If all we’re interested in is constricted wet crack and firm meatballs, then teens appear to be the way to go. But if you’re a buck who is interested in rogering a female-dominator who shares more than just your interests in the bedroom, then a HORNY HOUSEWIFE is the merely logical choice.

Take Catrina as the flawless example. She’s complicated and free and easy at the same time. Her opinions are wide-ranging and interesting. She said us that her consummate car would be, “either a big pickup lorry or a slight, little sportscar,” depending on her mood. Her hobbies include, “spending time with my family at aquariums, museums, fairs, and sporting events; or participating in gangbangs with a bunch of sexy bucks.”

MOTHERS I’D LIKE TO FUCK will rock your world in the bedroom, and entertain your mind in betwixt romps. “My much loved days are when I spend time with people who I care about, doing things everyone enjoys. Then, in the evening, I like spending my time with sex-toys, dildos, my partner, and maybe an supplementary petticoat chaser or two.”

Catrina is a Mama of 3 who was born in Rhode Island but now resides in California. This babe is 5’5″, weighs approximately 155 pounds, and wears a 36B-cup bra. She wears briefs at work, but takes ’em off as pretty soon as this babe acquires home. “My hubby jokes that my briefs are always succulent. That buck is not incorrect!”

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Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina Gina Valentina
Gina Valentina @
That babe is a cheater. She’s a Size Queen. She’s a skinny ravishing heart. This babe is Brazilian. She’s Gina Valentina, and this babe is making her debut on the Dogfart Network today with the one-and-only Mandingo! Anything we’ve just mentioned is totally true. Gina’s always struggled with monogamy, especially with small-dicked boyfriends. Even though she’s miniature, Gina loves ’em larger than average. The greater the better! Add a little color into the mix, and Gina turns into a super bimbo. A Black Dick Doxy! We’ve no idea where Dingo’s rod goes when that woman chaser plows her balls-deep, but that babe takes it — and that babe takes it like a champ. When the time is right, Gina drops to her knees to take Dingo’s chubby load…before that smooth operator walks off to screw some other floozy!
Gina Valentina Gina Valentina
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